Kingsley Garden Studio

Kingsley Garden Studio is a music production & recording studio in Vancouver WA, just 10 minutes from downtown Portland, OR. While KGS clients have spanned a diverse variety of artists, we specialize in making the SINGER-SONGWRITER'S vision come to life. Your song can be fully realized with a single guitar/piano and voice, or full band arrangement with ear candy galore.. If you need help completing your song (or even putting music to your words), we have been there for the bourgeoning songwriter since 1993. Behind the controls is Aram Arslanian who can flesh out your song with a wide variety of instruments and programming. We also have a great network of musicians/singers that we work with.
Rate: $30 per hour for any /all duties performed

Other services we provide are:

MIXING = You have spent the last four years recording your masterpiece. You are burned out and sick to death of working on it and want to move on. Hand over your tapes/hard drives and I will make sense of it in a way that makes you very happy. Then sit back and watch as your record shoots up the charts!!

VOICE OVER = I have many years of experience producing V.O.  I carefully follow script and call for re-takes as needed, as well as potential script adjustments. I edit with you by my side to assure the final take is exactly what you want. {Bruce International, RJW Consulting, Cadet Heating, Industrial Training Int., Volt Workforce Solutions and Body in Balance are but a few recent clients}

LOCATION RECORDING = school choirs, music recitals, orchestra, business meetings ext... I can record onsite up to 8 tracks of 24bit 48k audio.

ANALOG to DIGITAL TRANSFERS = cassette, LP, 1/4" reel to reel, ADAT transfered to mp3, mp4, WAV ect.

FREELANCE ENGINEERING/PRODUCING = You REALLY want to work with me but in a different studio perhaps in another town. I am very quick to pick up the tools and quirks of other facilities and have had the pleasure to work behind the boards at Type Foundry, Kung Fu Bakery, Lincoln Lounge to name few.

MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST =  I am a quick study and can provide tasty parts on guitars, keyboards, bass, lap steel, harmonica and drums. Some of the artists I have instrumentally supported in the past include Lisa Marie Presley, Blue Eyed Son, Ladytown, James Low, The Watson Twins, Rilo Kiley, Fernando and, of course, Vancouver's own Lincoln's Beard

FYI = I do not master. True audio mastering is not achieved with a plug-in. I refer most all of my projects to Nettelingham Audio who is 3 blocks away.



GEAR: I'm not going to list a bunch of makes and models of equipment. I have quality mics, pre's and effects. Great music is made with talent, hard work, focused ears and a lotta heart. I will say that I record with the most recent version of Pro Tools and have ALL of the tools necessary to complete your project. I also have a diverse collection of guitars, keyboards and drums ready to go.

WA lic. 603164983
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