Fully Produced and Arranged Recordings for Singer/Songwriters Who Want To Hear Their Music Come To Life

Kingsley Garden Studio has been providing music production & audio recording services to the music communities of the Pacific Northwest for eleven years. It's origins go back to 1994 in Los Angeles when Aram Arslanian  began producing fellow songwriters from his home studio. It soon bloomed into a busy hub for hundreds of projects spanning virtually every genre and budget. Although our forte is producing fully realized songs for the singer-songwriter, we welcome bands, instrumentalists as well as voice over artists from any background, and strive to work within any budget. We will work with you here at the Vancouver WA studio, just across the Columbia River from Portland OR, and  take pride in working with artists remotely from all over the world. Please contact us to discuss the details of your project. We'd love to hear from you and we'll do our best to accommodate you!

Aram is an accomplished producer, engineer, composer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with 25 years of professional experience. Some of the artists he has supported over the years include Lisa Marie Presley (music director 2002-03), Sandra Bernhard, Rilo Kiley, Fabian, The Watson Twins, Fernando, and PJ Olsson. He has released five  albums and toured extensively the US both as a solo artist, side-man, and leading the band Orphan Train. Aram has created scores & sound design for over 50 plays and provided original music for the ESPN, ABC, and A&E  television networks.

Additional Services:


Send me raw tracks recorded anywhere from a bedroom to a professional studio and I'll give you back a professional product.

Freelance Engineering / Production

You REALLY want to work with me but in a different studio perhaps in another town. I am very quick to pick up the tools and quirks of other facilities and have had the pleasure to work behind the boards at Type Foundry, Kung Fu Bakery, Lincoln Lounge to name few.  


Have a great song, but having trouble writing the music and arranging the instruments? I can write AND record the music for you so all you have to do is focus on your song.

Backup Instrumentation

I am a quick study and can provide tasty parts on guitars, keyboards, bass, lap steel, harmonica and drums. Some of the artists I have instrumentally supported in the past include Lisa Marie Presley, Blue Eyed Son, Ladytown, James Low, The Watson Twins, Rilo Kiley, Fernando and, of course, Vancouver's own Lincoln's Beard.


$40 hr w/ two hour minimum 

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