Lincoln's Beard has a 13 song LP coming October 2020 called YOUNGBLOOD. While we finish up the production we thought we would share some new songs digitally that you WON'T find on the album. Your pay-what-you-can donation helps us with the LP production costs. These tracks include notes on how the song came into being, as well as lyrics. Be sure to check back each FRIDAY for a new download and thanks for your support!

Walking On the Water

Lincoln's Beard

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Walking On the Water

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Walking on Water is about a sheriff and his deputy. The deputy is a God fearing naive type, bit the sheriff has seen a lot in his years. The deputy would like to consider the intervention of something devine or possibly an innocent man. With little information he airs on the side of compassion. The sheriff just wants to illiminate the threat doesn't matter what is is.... guy/ghost/god/jesus.... shoot it.

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